Test/measurement technology


One example of measurement technology is environmental measurement technology, which has been on the rise for some time and is playing an increasingly important role. It is very important for municipalities to monitor pollution locally and quickly in order to initiate countermeasures for population protection if necessary and to avoid penalties. The low-power modules ANDROX and NUCA with their low power consumption (solar/island solutions!) and numerous interfaces are perfectly suited for this purpose.

But also in the field of vision systems e.g. optical monitoring of forest fire endangered areas we are very well positioned with powerful systems like NUCV and NUCR.

Due to their small dimensions, our systems can also be integrated very well into all-weather camera housings.

We offer

Experience in various areas such as the development of outdoor applications including housing, SBC's for measurement technology & sensor technology and much more, we are happy to let flow into joint projects with you to get to the goal together.