EM Design

OEM / ODM products: your product - your design

Our custom designs meet your specific requirements.

We at E.E.P.D. work closely with our customers and control all apects of the development, design, manufacturing, quality, distribution and support.

Our customer specific solutions are designed, developed and manufactured according to the highest and most stringent quality guidelines in our own factory in Germany.
Your custom product is designed for your specific application and includes only your required features and functionalities.
Thus providing the best possible value while making your product unique and well positioned against your competitors in the worldwide market.

  • Custom faceplate design for a specific size, color, silkscreen, material or ejector type
  • User-definable mechanics
  • Complete development of customized devices
  • Different processors and storage media
  • Customized assemblies and interfaces
  • Higher degrees of protection up to IP69k
  • Solutions for extended temperature range
  • Superior resistance to shocks and vibrations
  • Chemically resistant surfaces
  • Temper proof solutions
  • Individual approvals and certifications
  • Application specific features and functions implementation
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