With the "Zen 4" x86 core architecture and highly innovative 4nm process technology, the NUCU series is characterized by excellent performance and energy efficiency. Thanks to the latest RDNA3 RadeonTM graphics architecture and the integrated XDNA Neural Processing Unit as an AI engine with up to 16 TOPS, the NUCU is ideally equipped for the latest applications.

The ultra-compact board - only about 10 x 10 cm in size - is an extremely powerful industrial embedded board with up to 8 cores and 16 threads, depending on the CPU variant.

The high number of CPU cores and threads is particularly advantageous for parallel applications. The SBC is ideal for applications that require high CPU and/or GPU performance as well as security features such as ECC & hardware TPM , for example 3D applications, augmented & virtual reality as well as AI systems, machine learning, IoT edge applications, industrial automation systems, computer vision and much more.

The key features of the PROFIVE®NUCU include a memory of up to 64 GByte DualChannel DDR5-5600 RAM with ECC support (Error Correction Code), a wide-range input from 10.8 VDC to 26.4 VDC and numerous other security features. In addition to the "AMD Firmware Trusted Platform Module" and a TPM 2.0 chip (Infineon), this also includes health monitoring and management with adjustable fan control, hardware monitoring and watchdog.

Other specifications include fast 2.5 GBit Ethernet controllers, PCIe 4.0x4 2280 NVME support, optional WiFi 6 support and various interfaces, for example two USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports, two Mini-DisplayPort++ and two USB-C DP Alt Mode ports. In addition, multi-monitor applications can be operated with up to four 4K/60Hz monitors.


  • Powerful integrated GPU - AMD RDNA3 Radeon™ Graphics
  • AI XDNA Neural Processing Unit | up to 16 TOPS
  • Up to 64 GB DualChannel DDR5-5600-RAM with ECC-Support
  • 2x Intel® I226-LM / 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • TSN-Support / Wake-on-LAN supported by one port
  • 3x M.2 - Type B, Type E, Type M
  • 2x USB-A 3.2 Gen2 (10 Gb/s, OCP = 1500 mA per port)
  • 2x USB-C Port 3.2 Gen2 (10 Gb/s, OCP = 3000 mA per port) or 2x USB-C
    Alt Mode DP++, up to 4096 x 2160 @ 60 Hz resolution
  • 2x internal USB 2.0 (OCP = 900 mA per port)
  • 2x RS-232/485 Ports (HDX/FDX)
  • 2x Mini-DP++ Ports, up to 4096 x 2160 @ 60 Hz resolution
  • fTPM - AMD firmware Trusted Platform Module | TPM 2.0 Support (Infineon
    SLB 9670)
  • Min. 10,8 VDC to 26,4 VDC power input
  • Commercial operating temperature range from 0 °C to +60 °C; others upon request
  • Storage temperature range from 40 °C to +85 °C
  • For storage max. rel. humidity: 95% @ 40 °C, non condensing
  • For operation max. humidity: 89% @ 40 °C, non condensing
  • Size approx.: 102 mm x 102 mm

CPU types available

Different CPUs with a TDP of 15 W - 54 W are available:

AMD Ryzen™ Embedded 8845HS
8 Kerne / 16 Threads – 3.8 GHz bis 5.1 GHz – TDP: 35-54 W
AMD RDNA Radeon™ Graphics
AMD XDNA Neural Processing Unit

AMD Ryzen™ Embedded 8840U
8 Kerne / 16 Threads – 3.3 GHz bis 5.1 GHz – TDP: 15-30 W
AMD RDNA Radeon™ Graphics
AMD XDNA Neural Processing Unit

AMD Ryzen™ Embedded 8645HS
6 Kerne / 12 Threads – 4.3 GHz bis 5.0 GHz – TDP: 35-54 W
AMD RDNA Radeon™ Graphics
AMD XDNA Neural Processing Unit

AMD Ryzen™ Embedded 8640U
6 Kerne / 12 Threads – 3.5 GHz bis 4.9 GHz – TDP: 15-30 W
AMD RDNA Radeon™ Graphics
AMD XDNA Neural Processing Unit


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