Industrial systems must be optimized for the specific requirements of an application. As a supplier and manufacturer of a wide variety of embedded PCs, we can offer standard products. In many cases, only customized solutions come into question. In a custom design, for example, the installation situation of the housing, the design of the interfaces, the cooling of the complete system and the fulfillment of certain protection classes can be taken into account.


Customized development - from the idea to the finished product. We offer you the complete service from development to production with test specifications and certifications to worldwide delivery. Everything in one house - at one location.

One example of measurement technology is environmental measurement technology, which has been on the rise for some time and is playing an increasingly important role. It is very important for municipalities to monitor pollution locally and quickly in order to initiate countermeasures for population protection if necessary and to avoid penalties. The low-power modules ANDROX and NUCA with their low power consumption (solar/island solutions!) and numerous interfaces are perfectly suited for this purpose.

But also in the field of vision systems e.g. optical monitoring of forest fire endangered areas we are very well positioned with powerful systems.

Due to their small dimensions, our systems can also be integrated very well into all-weather camera housings.

Experience in various areas such as the development of outdoor applications including housing, SBC's for measurement technology & sensor technology and much more, we are happy to let flow into joint projects with you to get to the goal together.

Due to the increase in traffic, our roads and city centers are overloaded with car traffic. For example, intelligent traffic control can adjust traffic light control so that car traffic is optimally routed through the streets.


  • Cost-effective hardware and software procurement
  • Service - from hardware commissioning to software adaptation of special drivers
  • Security - you gain a reliable partner
  • Service - best service and fastest possible support
  • Support by professional staff
  • Cloud solutions with our SW partner
  • Novelty - you can try it out for yourself through a loaner
  • Purchasing and planning - fast and competent production

One of the great strengths of algorithms was shown, for example, in the field of image recognition and video analysis. The learning ability of this class of algorithms made it possible to continuously learn and understand the content of images. Impressive progress has been made in this area in recent years, particularly in the field of medicine. These algorithms can be trained with image data of a wide variety of types - this opens up completely different areas of application and algorithms can be trained to examine X-ray images or CT scans for anomalies. In this way, they can support doctors in the diagnosis of diseases.

Wir haben in der Vergangenheit und gegenwärtig viele medizintechnische Projekte bearbeitet. Das bedeutet für Sie, dass Sie einen Partner an der Seite haben, der nicht nur Hardware liefert, sondern auch marktbezogenes Knowhow mitbringt.

Logistics is a very broad term that covers many different industries and brings with it a wide variety of requirements. While traffic control technology requires extremely high-performance hardware for evaluation and calculation (AI, DL, ML), warehouse logistics often focuses on the limited space available (autonomous vehicles in logistics) and power consumption. In the area of freight forwarding logistics, certain requirements arise from the use of hardware in the vehicle.

High-performance boards with a specialization in AI, DL, ML for fast and reliable evaluation of scenarios. With the ultra-compact eNUC (embedded NUC) boards and BoxPC's we have at least one product in the different IPC performance classes in our portfolio.

Most of these products are powered by an automotive grade power supply with a wide voltage input range of 8-32V DC.

Whether you're managing network communications for a stadium, college campuses, airports or theme parks, the volume of SMS, calls, posts and videos on an average day is enough to bring normal networks to their knees.

Complex challenges require special solutions:
In the stadium as an intelligent router solution: to bundle resources e.g. before and after the start of the game towards the parking lot and to ensure coverage during the game in the arena.

Strategic partnerships with the world market leaders in processor technologies AMD and Intel means that with us you are always a 'nose length' ahead. We are already active in this segment and can advise you with our experience in the projects.

Edge computing is conquering the IT infrastructure of all automotive companies, in production as well as in the vehicle. 

Edge computing, i.e. all kinds of calculations and analyses at the extreme ends of an IT topology, has become a hot trend.

It is also becoming more prevalent in the automotive industry. There are two very different fields of application: On the one hand, all in-car computing operations belong to it, which are growing rapidly, especially due to the new generations of connected vehicles. On the other hand, edge computing is increasingly finding its way into manufacturing, where more and more computing power is being moved as close as possible to the sensors.

We ourselves are a high-quality producer with processes and quality requirements very similar to those in the automotive sector. For you, this means that we have the same understanding and can accordingly also easily meet your requirements.

In addition to their use in automation, industrial computers are primarily found in the areas of communication, industrial image processing, as well as process visualization, data acquisition and process control, where they offer optimal solutions. Industrial computers are also used in quality control during final acceptance as inspection and test stands, for example in circuit board assembly for the optical detection of components.

industrial solutions individually customized to their benefit. Difficult situation, short downtime? We know the requirements of the market and can react quickly. For you, this means adaptable, low-maintenance and reliable. We manufacture exclusively in our in-house production at our Weichs site in accordance with the proven DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Carry out inventories in large storage areas fully automatically with the help of robot and drone technology and cameras?
Have quality controls in production, for example of gap dimensions, surfaces or even crop yields in agriculture, carried out by computer?
Automatically forward customer calls to the right support employee?

These are just three examples of how clever automation improves everyday life through the use of artificial intelligence. The benefits: Cost savings, speed and freedom from errors.

Powerful processor technologies of the current AMD and Intel platforms. This means for you a reliable, robust and long-term available platform for complex systems and structures. With our many years of experience, we are a reliable partner for you and your project.

One of the most current topics in retail is the good old shopping cart. In order to better control the flow of customers and avoid long waiting times at the checkout, shopping carts are increasingly being “digitized”. Equipped with a scanner and an operating terminal, the shopping cart becomes a mobile checkout. The goods are recorded directly in the shopping cart and displayed on the control terminal. After shopping, payment is made directly at the shopping cart or via smartphone.

We are a producer for intelligent solutions and special market requirements. With our many years of experience, we design your solution concept and offer you an all-round service.