From OEM boards to complete system solutions - our product categories for every need:

Our PROFIVE® brand single board computers are the base boards of our systems.

Mainboards in Mini ITX format


The EM PRO® product family includes robust and reliable box PCs in the very compact (partly fanless) eNUC / embedded NUC design, which are based on industrial solutions but have been optimised for the requirements and use in corporate IT.

Including mounted heatspreader. The "easy to integrate" versions do not have a fan or heat sink.

Robust and reliable box PCs in a compact design for universal integration in machines, control enclosures and control cabinets.

ThumbIndustrial BoxPCs fanlessEM Box®

The industrial EM® BoxPCs of the BSNP and BSIP series (waterproof version with protection class IP67) are characterised by passive cooling and very compact dimensions.

With integrated active or passive cooling solution (depending on variant).


The EM® Modular product family includes a wide range of components for customised and flexible use.

EM Vision® systems combine advanced technology with maximum reliability and user-friendly design. The high-resolution TFT displays with LED backlight provide brilliant images and are therefore easy for the user's eyes to read.