EM ToughBox® Modular TB-M2

Size: approx. 194 x 128 x 54 mm
Weight: approx. 1190 g + options
Mounting: EM® Module rail holder or hat rail mounting

As a rugged, fanless, modular industrial PC (24/7 IPC), the robust EM ToughBox® Modular TB-M2 is the perfect modular plug & play system solution.

The TB-M2 is based on the current AMD R2000 CPU series with the "Zen+" x86 core architecture and is also available with the proven V1000 and R1000 series. 

The powerful and optimized integrated AMD Radeon™ high-performance graphics unit provides optimal I/O connectivity for industrial and robotic systems, machine vision, IoT, thin clients, security gateways and more.

The base of the modular system already has the following interfaces in the smallest of spaces:

- Up to 6x USB 3.1 + 1 x USB 2.0
- 2x USB-C with DP Alt-mode support
- Up to 3 Intel® I225 / 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet ports
- 1 x MicroSD XC Card Slot
- 2 Mini-DP++ sockets, resolution up to 4096x2160 @ 60Hz
- Control / Signal LED
- fTPM - AMD firmware Trusted Platform Module | TPM 2.0 Support (Infineon SLB 9670) (depending on the board variant)
- 3-pin power supply connector (Phoenix) / Min. 10.8 VDC to 26.4 VDC power supply range

The compact Box PC is characterized by high quality, reliability and long-term availability until 2032. It is therefore the ideal platform for demanding applications that require absolutely silent, energy-saving operation thanks to its fanless design.

EM ToughBox® Modular TB-M

Size: approx. 194 x 128 x 42 mm
Weight: approx. 900g + options
Mounting: EM® Module rail holder or hat rail mounting

The rugged EM Tough-Box-Modular TB-M is a fanless, modular Industrial-PC (24/7 IPC) and as a Plug&Play - system solution and amoung other things an alternative for CompactPCI-Systems.
Our TB-M is based on energy efficient Dual- and Quad-Core-Variants from AMDs Embedded G-Series SOC-CPU family with clock rates up to 1,5 GHz.


Commercial temperatur range (0°C - +60°C):
DualCore: AMD GE210HICJ23HM / GX-210HA - 2 x 1.0 GHz
QuadCore: AMD GE415GIBJ44HM / GX-415GA - 4 x 1.5 GHz

Industrial temperatur range (-40°C - +85°C):
DualCore: AMD GE209HISJ23HM / GX-209HA - 2 x 1.0 GHz

In a compact chassis, the base model of the modular system already offers following interfaces:
- Up to 6 x USB 3.0 + 4 x USB 2.0
- 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports
- 1 x MicroSD slot
- 1 x DVI-I monitor connector
- 7 x control / signal LED
- Microphone + Headphone jack (Audio OUT) / 3.5mm jack plug
- External antenna connection
- 3pin power supply connector (Phoenix) / 8V - 32V DC wide input range

The compact Box PC is characterized by high quality and reliability. Due to the fanless design, it is the ideal platform for demanding applications which require a completely silent and energy-saving operation.

EM ToughBox® Hub TB-H

Size: approx. 294 x 35 x 62 mm
Weight: approx. 320g + options
Mounting: Mounting by hat rail is prepared, other mounting options are available on request.

The 7-Port USB EM ToughBox® Hub TB-H is the perfect industrial solution to provide additional USB ports in harsh environments.

The integrated power supply with wide input range makes it a plug & play solution that provides 7 x 900mA at the USB ports.

Drivers are available for Linux.

The aluminum module rail can accommodate all EM® I/O USB modules directly and provides a screw fixation option.
Without this module rail, standard USB devices can be connected.

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