PICMG 2.0 R3.0 CompactPCI Backplanes

The EMTrust 3U backplanes are designed according the PICMG 2.0 R3.0 specification, and are an essential commodity for all 3U CompactPCI applications.

A passive backplane is a circuit board without any active elements (silicon) but does include peripheral board connection slots into which I/O devices, processors, and other computer and networks components may be installed.

This product is not recommended for new designs - LTB 31.10.2016

  • Single slot to eight slot
  • Rear I/O on system slot
  • Optional rear I/O on all slots
  • Zero-slot power backplane
  • DIN 41612 type M power connector
  • For use at extended operational temperatures
  • Extremely robust, thick PCB
  • 3.3V I/O or 5.0 V I/O options
  • Design, produktion and support “Made in Germany”