Configurable Industrial-Grade Eight-Port Serial I / O Controller

The Compact PCI-board ICP-8SER is a configurable industrial-grade 8-port serial I/O controller.

All I/O lines are short-circuit protected and guard against fast  transients, electrostatic discharge and high-frequency EMI. In addition, software is able to perform internal diagnostic checks, and detect break, parity, overrun and framing errors.

This product is not recommended for new designs.         

  • Up to 8 individually configurable serial ports
  • Wide choice of SPIMs (Serial Plug-In Module)
  • Single front-panel D-Sub interface
  • Standard 16C550 FIFO UARTs
  • Accelerated interrupt handling
  • ‘Octopus’ cable for simplified connectivity
  • Short circuit protected inputs
  • Fully shielded against the effects of EMI
  • Universal V I / O
  • 3U, 4HP CompactPCI format
  • Design, Produktion and Support “Made in Germany”