Custom Embedded Solutions – THE Specialty of E.E.P.D.


Custom Design

Since 1988, E.E.P.D.’s customers have been benefiting from the possibility to order development and production of specific custom designs in any size and configuration.

Customized Design

Standard boards can be configured to the specific requirements and needs of our customers, too.

Individual Consulting

E.E.P.D. assists customers in every phase of the development process. To fully understand your needs and requirements we start with open minded, clear discussions and consultations. Our electrical and mechanical design engineer teams analyze and propose the best possible solution for your application.

Quality inhouse

Prototyping and rigorous tests are performed during development leading to a high quality and cost effective mass production product at our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Test stations, customer service, in-house EMC/environmental laboratories and support in product certification complement E.E.P.D.’s services.


E.E.P.D.’s pride in its German roots is visible through its commitment to provide outstanding services and very high quality products, “MADE IN GERMANY”. During all phases, from concept all the way to the product delivery to our customers, E.E.P.D. shows its commitment to nothing less than excellence.

Custom-made solutions were the speciality of E.E.P.D. from the very beginning. Whether you need boards of any size, equipment and complexity designed to your specific needs or want to adapt standard boards to your requirements, we can make it possible for you "in-house".

Prerequisite is a detailed consultation in order to define the performance requirements for the hardware. Then the specific requirements can be analyzed in our in-house development centers and all electronic and mechanical targets can be developed.

Not only the planning takes place in our company, but also the production is carried out at our location in Weichs in a highly modern production plant. After production, the manufactured, high-quality assemblies are individually tested.

You get everything from the first idea to production and shipping from one source. Our customer service is also here on site.

  •     Full Custom Design
  •     Customized design, adaptation to specific customer requirements
  •     Individual consulting, requirement analysis for all requirements and customer wishes
  •     In-house quality, ultra-modern in-house production

Single Board Recipe - your idea ready for series production in the shortest possible time:

  •     Comprehensive library of modules that are formable and scalable
  •     Complete design on one assembly level
  •     The latest and most advanced x86- and ARM®-based processor architectures
  •     Large selection of components for power supply, cooling concepts, interfaces, bus systems, form factors
  •     Fast market launch despite individual design
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