PROFIVE® M2 Base Board

Supports PROFIVE® M2 CPU boards

The PROFIVE® M2 Base Board was designed as the ideal testing and evaluation platform for the PROFIVE® M2 CPU PCI/104-Express board. The PROFIVE® M2 Base Board combined with a PROFIVE® M2 CPU board finds its application in desktop and mobile devices.

This product is not recommended for new designs - LTB 30.9.2014.

As we do not produce any PC/104 boards anymore we are unfortunately unable to offer a substitute.

  • Supports PROFIVE® M2 CPU boards which are powered by the Intel® Atom™ technology
  • Meets ATX specification 2.1 and EPIC form factor
  • 1 PCI Express® x1 slot
  • 2x RS-232 ports, 1x RS-422 port, up to 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, up to 3 host and 1 client USB 2.0 port
  • 1x DVI-D port and sound interface
  • 24-bit dual channel LVDS, backlight power and control via internal headers
  • 2x PCI Express® Mini Card sockets with PCI Express® and USB 2.0 interface
  • ATX power supply connector
  • Works with standard components according to PCI/104-Express™ specification
  • The PROFIVE® M2 Base Board is ready for various operating systems
  • Design, Production and Support “Made in Germany”