Individual Solutions and Standard Boards from E.E.P.D.

Full Custom Design

Customized solutions have been E.E.P.D's specialty right from the start. Whether you need custom-made boards of any size, features and complexity, or you want to customize standard boards to meet your needs, we can make this "in-house" for you.


  • Full Custom Design
  • Customized Design, adaptation to specific customer requirements
  • Individual advice, requirements analysis for all requirements and customer requirements
  • Qualität Inhouse, in-house state-of-the-art production

Single Board Computer OEM/ODM

The single-board computers of the PROFIVE® brand are developed on the basis of the latest processor technologies. They are available in a wide range of sizes and equipment variants and can therefore be adapted entirely to the customer's requirements, which also leaves room for specially adapted designs of standard boards.

  • medical technology solutions
  • harsh industrial environments
  • rough mobile applications
  • automatic panels
  • On-site collection of data
  • Measuring and quality control
  • Real-time flow control
  • public terminals

Single Board Computer ready to use

Our PROFIVE® brand single board computers are not only available in the OEM/ODM variant, but also with integrated active or passive cooling solution (depending on the variant).

The advantage: These boards can be integrated and are ready for use immediately - and are available in our online store:

  • rough industrial environment
  • Medical
  • automatic panels
  • On-site collection of data
  • Measurements and quality control
  • Real-time flow control
  • public terminals