RMA - Return Material Authorization

To ensure a smooth flow of your return,
Please note the following information when sending an RMA request:

    Your RMA request must contain following information:

    • Serial number of every board returned
    • Your own reference number for this RMA (optional)
    • Contact person and delivery address for the RMA
    • Detailed error/problem description
    • In what kind of environments/stage did the problem/fault occur? Please provide detailed information for:
      • Incoming inspection
      • Test bay, currently used equipment and software
      • Burn-in; temperatures; air humidity, intensity / duration and test program etc.
      • Field failure
      • Environmental effects if known


    • Use original or comparable ESD packaging only.
    • Make sure that the products are carefully packed in a shock proof packaging.
    • Do not write RMA numbers on the individual product package.
    • All returned products must have the original serial number label.
    • Please note any additional equipment/accessories like memory modules, storage devices, wires etc. on your delivery note.

    Important Notes:

    • Returns are only accepted with a valid RMA number!
    • RMA numbers expire 30 days after they have been issued.
    • Shipments with expired RMA numbers will be REJECTED!
    • Please request a new RMA number before shipping a product in case the original one is expired or close to expiration.
    • We accept prepaid delivery of returns only.
    • Possible costs - In case of complaints without findings (no error detectable, error not reproducible, etc.), we charge the
      arising examination costs. Further information can be found in the PDF RMA Guide:

    RMA Guideline 2020 (PDF-Document)

    Please read this guide before filling out an RMA request.

    RMA request