Range of use of E.E.P.D. products

Our highly efficient in-house engineering and production departments enable us to serve many customers in various different areas. Rigorous tests are performed on every E.E.P.D. product in our own in-house EMC/environmental laboratories and the climatic and temperature shock test chambers. Due to an elaborate, state-of-the-art and continuously self-enhancing quality system, our boards are designed for rugged and extreme conditions of operation.

E.E.P.D. boards can be used in many different areas:


Our development department is specified to fulfill individual demands optimally. The main characteristics in the industrial sector, like reliability, efficiency and the longevity of our products, are constantly verified in our test laboratories.

These aspects minimize the risk of failure and reduce time and cost. Our boards and systems are designed, manufactured and tested in-house to withstand the extreme industrial requirements.

Every technical process goes hand in hand with automation. Requirements are as varied as the fields of applications.

Individually geared to suit your specific requirements, our development department will help you with the realization of your wishes. Specialized design and test methods – considering extreme environmental factors like heat, shocks or vibrations – prove the reliability of our boards and systems. This reduces time and costs for additional tests and minimizes the risk of failure.

The area of data technology is given a higher value through the expansion of the global communication. You can count on a safe data transmission by using our boards and systems.

Our products withstand the roughest surroundings and extreme temperature differences. This reduces the failure risk on a minimum and saves investments in additional designs and tests. Our development department fulfills individual demands.

The measurement technology expects highest claims and reliability. We meet these expectations with our experienced development department.

We will help you by creating and realizing optimal solutions. Our products are tested under extreme conditions like temperature differences or shocks. This reduces time and costs under the consideration of possible incoming influence.

The medicine technology expects highest security, reliability and rapidity to ensure constantly high-class standards.

These claims are fulfilled extensively by our experienced development department. Our support covers the whole range from the first design and development up to production and different tests.

Aims of the energy technology are the efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and economic production, the transformation, the transport, the storage and the use of energy in all its forms.

Highly efficient pc solutions, achieving full performance in rough industrial surroundings, are guaranteed by our individual development work. Time and cost will be reduced through our comprehensive in-house testing, additionally minimizing susceptibility.

The demands of the traffic technology on robust, low temperature resistant, long-lasting and failsafe products are guaranteed through our own EMV and environmental labs. Our products are exposed to extreme shocks and vibrations.

Development and quality

  • - Arbitrary size and case variations
  • - Minimization of temperature sensitivity and susceptibility
  • - Specific requirements on radiation, humidity and temperature sensitivity as well as shock and vibration
  • - Extensive testing in our in-house EMV and environmental laboratories
  • - Elaborate quality system