EM PRO midi - the ultra power tower - AMD Ryzen™ PRO 6000 series

x86 PRO IT mini-Workstation

The ultra-compact EM PRO midi is based on processors of the AMD Ryzen™ PRO 6000 series with "Zen 3+" x86 core architecture. Depending on the CPU variant, up to eight cores and 16 threads with clock rates of up to 4.9 GHz and a TDP (Thermal Design Power) of maximum 45 W are used. Equipped with these processors and thanks to the latest Navi2 graphics architecture, up to 50% more CUs with up to 2.4 GHz increased clock speed as well as more cache, the internal graphics achieves an unprecedented single-precision performance of up to approx. 3.5 Tflops. At the same time, the energy efficiency in all areas (CPU, GPU) has once again been drastically improved. This means that the EM PRO midi is ideally equipped for graphics-intensive applications, for example.

Due to the large number of CPU cores and threads, it meets the special needs and highest requirements of creatively working people. Applications like

  • Video editing & photo processing,
  • 3D applications, animations, architecture and product design software,
  • 2D animation, graphics, illustrator, photography, web design software,
  • Design software (e.g. CAD, CAM, electronic design, PCB design),
  • graphic, product and game design,
  • Programming workstations,
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

and much more can be done quickly and professionally with a very compact size of only about 111 x 117 x 201 mm. But fun has also been thought of. The EM PRO midi is suitable for entry-level gaming and therefore also invites you to play games after work.

The EM PRO midi is a high-quality MicroTower system developed and manufactured in Germany for commercial IT applications.

Special features & security:

  • Suitable for continuous operation (24/7)
  • Dual channel DDR5 RAM memory with ECC support
  • 2 x GigaBit Ethernet (2 x Intel® I225 with IEEE1588)
  • Up to 2 x NVMe SSDs + 2 x SATA 2.5" SSDs/HDDs mountable
  • fTPM (AMD firmware trusted platform module) + TPM 2.0 (Infineon SLB9670)

You can also order EM PRO midi as a barebone - configure your version in our onlineshop.

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen™ PRO 6650H, 6650U, 6850H, 6850U, 6950H with Radeon™ Graphics
  • Max. 64 GB dual channel DDR5 memory with ECC support
  • Gigabit Ethernet: 2x Intel I225 / 2.5 Gigabit
  • WiFi (optional): 802.11 AX
  • SSD (optional): M.2 SATA up to 2 NVMe, 2x 2.5" HDD/SSD expansion kit
  • USB port: 2x USB 3.1 Gen2
  • USB-C port: 2x USB 3.1 Gen2 or USB-C-DP Alt Mode (10Gb/s, fused to: 1500mA)
  • Serial ports: 2x RS-232/485
  • DP connector: 2x Mini-DP++ ports, up to 4096 x 2160 @60Hz
  • fTPM - AMD firmware Trusted Platform Module | TPM 2.0 support (Infineon SLB 9670)
  • Sound: 3.5 mm MIC input / headphone output
  • Device monitoring and management: Speed controlled fan (PWM + tacho) and hardware monitoring
  • Other: operation and status LEDs, temperature dependent LED for indication of system heat
  • Power supply: Min. 10.8V to max. 26.4V Power supply range
  • Max. Operating temperature range commercial at 0°C to + 50°C; others on request
  • Max. Storage temperature range from -40°C to +85°C
  • Max. rel. humidity: 95% @ 40°C, non-condensing
  • Housing: robust brushed aluminum housing, anodized black
  • Mounting: stand alone
  • Dimensions: approx. 111 mm x 117 mm x 201 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1.750g + options
  • Conformity: CE, ROHS, REACH
  • Operating system support (license optional): Microsoft® Windows® 11, Microsoft® Windows® 10, Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Design, production and support "Made in Germany
AMD Ryzen™ PRO 6000 series, TDP 15-45W
size approx.: 102mm x 102mm

SBC PROFIVE® NUCS (x86) - easy to integrate
AMD Ryzen™ PRO 6000 series, TDP 15-45W
size approx.: 102mm x 102mm


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