PROFIVE® MicroATX Boards for industrial use

The microATX standard for motherboards defines a maximum size of 244 mm x 244 mm whereas other sizes within this standard are specified.

MicroATX is backward compatible to ATX standard so the mounting points of microATX motherboards as well as the I/O panel are identical. Therefore microATX boards fit into ATX housing.

  • medical technology solutions
  • harsh industrial environments
  • rough mobile applications
  • automatic panels
  • on-site collection of data
  • measuring and quality control
  • real-time flow control
  • public terminals
SBC PROFIVE® G95 (x86)
Intel® Celeron® processor 847E
Intel® Core™ i7 processors i7-3555LE und i7-3615QE
size: 198mm x 220mm