Makes your vision reality – with a very short development time on a defined budget!

Scalable – shapeable - compatible

Single-Board-Recipe is our comprehensive library, based on pre-designed modules which are shapeable, scalable and compatible to each other. Our engineering team can choose out of various, pre-designed already proven building blocks such as CPUs, GPUs, power supplies and many other interfaces. Given the elaborate concept standard blocks can be assembled on a virtual way. However, scalability and shapeability is almost unlimited. Therefore we are able to develop time and cost effectively your real single board computer, based on your own recipe.

SBR makes the difference

The complete design on one board and on one level, that’s the main asset of the Single-Board-Recipe compared to other conventional building block concepts. Also due to our SBR concept our development team is able to combine the required design blocks efficiently. No add-on-modules with critical mechanical interconnects are necessary. In addition the installation height can be reduced to the minimum. The sustainable selection of components with a long-term availability of up to 10 years is standard.

Recipes and ingredients


Choose between an actual selection of x86- and ARM-based architectures. The choice ranges from Intel® Atom™ to Core™ series of the 4th and latest 5th generation over AMD up to NXP™ i.MX 6 processors.

Power supply

Stored in the SBR library - and one click away for our engineers - a variety of power supplies with different output classes, wide-range-inputs and EMI filters are available. Like all other special integrated blocks around the Single-Board-Recipe all power supplies can be shaped and scaled and are ready to be implanted in your custom design.

Cooling solutions

Our in-house design center can supply the full of cooling solutions. Starting from standard coolers over to customized cooling solutions up to fully integrated solutions. Also highly shock-resistant as well as conductive cooling solutions in combination with the system chassis are available. We have always the right answer for your cooling needs.


All common interfaces are available with the Single-Board-Recipe. Engineers and designers may choose between single- and block-components. For example, USB, network, serial and graphic interfaces can be selected. Also industrial buses such as CAN, Profibus, Sercos and so forth are supported. Beyond standard requirements also press fit connectors for rough and harsh environment can be implemented in your design.

Bus systems

Single-Board-Recipe supports all standard bus systems like PCI Express®, LPC, CAN, RS485/422 as well as legacy buses and interfaces such as PCI and ISA.

Form factors

When developing SBR our utmost goal was to retain the scalability and formability of any block. Thus our in-house design center is capable to implement almost every specification that you may require.

SBR – your advantage

Time and cost are key factors in deciding on developing and implementing an individual computer design. The Single-Board-Recipe concept in combination with our intelligent and highly automated process-technologies gives a perfect solution. This all is applied in our production to assure highest efficiency, the best quality and longevity for your product. Your time to market will be significantly reduced by your custom-made single board computer.

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