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Since 1988, we have been successfully on the market with our standard and customer-specific x86- und ARM®-based boards, our customers appreciate us as a reliable partner.

If you don't need an all-around care package, we also offer all services seperately. Wether it is assembling, testing or environmental qualification, we are at your side.

Through our own development and high-end production at the location in Weichs near Munich, we can act flexibly and quickly. Benefit from short ways, fast decision-making processes and our decades of experience.

Everything from one source - in one place. - Contact us, we will gladly advise you.

Our extensive portfolio includes the following services:


- Electronic development

- Mechanical development

- EMV- and environmental tests

- procurement of components

- SMT-production (Surface-Mounted-Technology)

- PIP-technology (Pin-in-Paste)

- THT-assembly (Trough-Hole-Technology)

- electrial tests

- functional tests

- reworkprocesses

- additional manufacturing services as

- module cleaning (ultrasound)

- module protecting (partial coating)


- driver-adaption

- driver-development

- BIOS-development

- firmware-development

- boot-loader

- boottime-optimization

- operating-system adaptations

- testsoftware




- temperarture-tests

- shock-tests

- moisture-tests

- mechanichal shock-tests

- ESD-tests

- EMS-tests

- IP-tests

- qualification-tests

- certifications