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Range of Use

Our highly efficient in-house engineering and production departments enable us to serve many customers in various different areas. Rigorous tests are performed on every E.E.P.D. product in our own in-house EMC/environmental laboratories and the climatic and temperature shock test chambers. Due to an elaborate, state-of-the-art and continuously self-enhancing quality system, our boards are designed for rugged and extreme conditions of operation.

E.E.P.D. boards can be used in many different areas:

Our engineering department is specialized in addressing individual requirements and proposing innovative solutions. Customized board solutions are designed and produced in-house for extreme industrial conditions. [more]

We aim to provide highly reliable products which are designed to sustain extreme environmental conditions such as heat, shocks and vibrations we use specialized design and testing methods.  [more]

Our products resist even the roughest conditions and extreme differences in temperature, when operational security is concerned. Our engineering department, in association with EMC-/environmental laboratories meets your individual needs. [more]

Our experienced developers optimize and implement your special requirements. The boards are tailored for your application using the latest computer technology.   [more]

Particular attention in the selection of every component ensures long-term availability for all our industrial PCs. We meet your specific requirements. [more]

The E.E.P.D. in-house development team designs highly efficient PC solutions performing flawlessly in harsh environments. [more]

Particular attention in the selection of every component ensures long-term availability for all our industrial PCs. We design special solutions meeting your individual requirements for rough environments.  [more]