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E.E.P.D. - Your Reliable Partner

Concept and Requirement Analysis
Custom solutions are E.E.P.D.’s specialty. E.E.P.D. offers standard boards as well as development and production of custom designs.

Based on concept and requirement analysis we work out the product specification together with you.

Electrical Engineering
E.E.P.D.’s in-house electrical engineering team will realize the best solution. Combining years of experience and innovative design, we offer our customers high-end products based on the latest technologies.        
Mechanical EngineeringOur mechanical engineering team implements various size enclosures, cabinets and sub-assemblies to fit your specific requirements.
Prototyping and Testing
Prototyping and rigorous tests are performed during development before starting serial production. Elaborated functional tests identify any abnormalities or deviations from the original specification. In such case, corrective actions are immediately taken.
EMC-/ Environmental Laboratories
Extensive environmental tests are performed in our own EMC and climate laboratories.

In-house cutting-edge Manufacturing Facility
Once all tests have passed and the proof of concept is successful, mass production starts at our own cutting-edge manufacturing facility.
Test Bay
Every E.E.P.D. product is certified in our in-house test station before shipment. An elaborated, state-of-the-art and continuously self-enhancing quality system guarantees the highest standard for every single E.E.P.D. product. Various awards and certifications (DIN EN ISO 9001, EITI-Design-Award, VeriBest-Design-Award) document and support our claim to offer premium quality products.

Product Certification
If your product requires certifications for special fields of application e.g. medical or avionic, we will support you with our know-how and in-house laboratories. 
Customer Service
Long-lasting and first-class quality products are our strength! If you have any questions or wish to receive further information, we are at your disposal.